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Sven Sellstrom was my great grandfather. Sometime after 1877 he left Scotland and arrived in South Australia where he worked as a Sailmaker, where he met Jane Mansfield nee Reed and they resided in the village settlement at Gilles Street, Adelaide.
Jane and Sven married 28 November 1883 at the minister's residence Hurtle Square Adelaide, in the presence of Hugh Handley, occupation: bootmaker, residence: Nelson Street, Adelaide and Amelia Hubbard, occupation: dressmaker, residence: Surflin Street, Adelaide.
Sometime after the birth of their son Andrew, Jane found out that Sven was already married to Jane Watt in Scotland 15 August 1864 Falkirk, Stirling, Scotland. and sent him packing. His reply was that he had been separated from his first wife for over 5 years. Jane replied "things are not done like that here" The last she heard from him was a letter he sent from Melbourne offering to send money for Andrew.
Andy grew up using the surname Mansfield, the same as his older siblings. But he still kept in contact with his Sellstrom cousins in Scotland, and even now the two families are in contact. I have the Sellstrom family tree back to 1698, thought there are some pieces to the jigsaw that are missing. If you have any connections to the name Sellstrom please contact me.

Updated 4th Sept 2005

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