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In 2001 while celebrating "The Centenary of Federation" I thought it was an appropriate time to put my family tree on the web. I am in Adelaide, South Australia which was first settled in 1836. I have spent many long hours researching and recording my families history.

I would like to thank all those that have helped me put this information together or added to it with their own knowledge. Uncle Jack who gave me the oral history of the Sellstrom, Reed, Cleary and Conley families. Iain and Lawrence Sellstrom for finding me, I would never have got this far without the both of you. Cathy Roth, my dear cousin, for spending her holiday in Ireland searching graveyards in her Wellingtons. The Hulls and Rob Conley for their knowledge of the Conleys.

The Internet is a good way to make contact and give any one that is interested in my research easy access to the information I have collected. I would like to find other members of my ever increasing family that may have some old family knowledge they would like to share, so as much as possible can be preserved.

Maryanne Bach - copyright